How to Watch Free Movies & TV Shows with ShowBox

Looking for an entertainment within your Android Smartphone? Do you like to spend your free time by watching your favourite Movies and TV Shows? Are you looking for something to help you with it? Well, if you are the one who wants an app to fulfil your entertainment within a smartphone, ShowBox is just made for you. Yes, ShowBox is a video streaming app carries a huge number of latest Movies and TV Shows to watch them right on your smartphone. Amazed? Learn how to watch free Movies & TV Shows with ShowBox by following the below given report along with the full detailed tutorial to install this app on your device as well. More details are as follows!

No matter what kind of a person you are, ShowBox is there to serve the best of entertainment within your Smartphone. Fortunately, ShowBox application is available for all types of smartphone platforms and you can get this app installed on any of your tech devices easily. All it requires is a proper knowledge about the installation process. Since the app has been removed from the official stores, you are no longer able to get this app from their respective app stores. For that, you have to go with the unofficial way to get it loaded on your respective smartphone.

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There are a number of such apps available in the market allows you to watch different types of videos and movies online. Although, there’s a lot of different things and features available in this ShowBox app which make this app a different one from all the available entertainment app. Google Play Store carries plenty of such apps, however, users are keen to use this app and they always looking for the upgraded version of it. Well, you need not to go anywhere in order to get this app installed on your respective smart devices as here we are updating all the possible ways to install ShowBox on various platforms for various devices. You can explore the whole site well if you are using a different device or if you want to know something more about this application.

ShowBox for Android 13

In addition, ShowBox has a massive fan following with millions of downloads. There are users who actively using this app in order to watch all the latest Hollywood Movies and TV Shows on the go. They can even go for the Movies on their Televisions with ShowBox for Chromecast download. Yes, ShowBox can also be used by Chromecast and you can instantly watch your favourite Movies and TV Shows right on your Television by using that device. It just requires a couple of things and you’re done. The app works quite well and allows you not just watching Movies and stuffs, you can even download the videos with various qualities as well. We’ll be updating everything with proper snapshots, you just keep hanging in here!

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I’m sure you are eagerly waiting to know something more about this application. Well, if you are not yet aware about the uses and a huge list of its features, you need not to worry about it. As we have compiled everything useful of this app into a list which is given below. Do follow the list of its features and get to know more about ShowBox with its features and functionality on various smart devices along with the Android platform as well.

Features of ShowBox for Various Platforms

  • Watch Free Movies & Videos from anywhere right on your smartphone
  • No need to login or log out or even to sign up
  • Simple app with decent user interface made for everyone
  • Full HD Graphics throughout the user interface while watching videos and movies
  • Select your quality of Movie that you want to watch
  • Choose from three options to watch Movies and TV Shows
  • Simple listings of various Movies and TV Shows at the front of the page
  • Users are allowed even to download their favourite available Movies and Videos on the go
  • Watch Movies from your own favourite video player
  • Select HD option to watch Movies and TV Shows with full HD quality
  • Various categories to pick your Movies and TV Shows easily
  • Get regular updates on the updates section to watch and explore latest stuffs and much more

These are all the incredibly useful features available in this entertainment app called, ShowBox. The app has got all the awesomeness and features to spend a gold time ahead by watching your favourite Movies and TV Shows. In order to use the categories, there are four different categories available in ShowBox application to get you all the convenient way of using this app. You can easily select the category and pick up the video that you want to watch or to download. Following are all the four different categories of ShowBox application.

Movies : Here you can see the listings of all the available Movies with different qualities. As you know, you can watch it right away or even can download it for further use as well. You just need to tap the Movies category and you can see all the available movies here.

ShowBox for Android 12

Shows : Here you will be presented a page studded with all the available TV Shows with its full series. You can select the Show by tapping it once. The next page will show you all the episodes of that show. Select the episode that you want to watch and you’ll be done! You can either can watch it or download it on the go.

ShowBox for Android 7

My Library : Here you can place your favourite stuffs to make use of it instantly whenever you want to watch them. You can easily manages things of ShowBox application here in this category.

ShowBox for Android 9

Updates : Updates will get you all the recently updated Movies and TV Shows with proper names and even more further details. It’s kind of a very useful category to pick up your latest stuffs. Updates are being updated regularly and you can even see a notification on it with the updated items with a proper number.

ShowBox for Android 10

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These are the four categories available in the app to get you the best of entertainment within a device. Now, you might want to know the process of installing this application on your respective devices. In order to find out the proper installation process, you have to follow our recent tutorials. We have covered all the available devices and platforms to install ShowBox application on a particular device. To get you more, we have prepared a complete detailed tutorial that will show you the exact way of installing ShowBox on a smartphone. So without wasting anytime, let’s get on to the tutorial now!

Note : The following tutorial is prepared by using an Android smartphone. If you have a different smartphone, you can check for the relevant tutorial on our site. Choose a proper tutorial and get the app installed now!

How to Watch Free Movies & TV Shows with ShowBox

Step 1 :

Since ShowBox is not available in the Play Store, we have to go for the APK file of this app. You are requested to follow the below given link in order to download ShowBox APK file for your respective Android Smartphone. We have used the same APK file to prepare this tutorial.

Download ShowBox for Android

Step 2 :

Hit the above given link and get the APK file downloaded to your desktop. After it gets downloaded, you have to transfer it to your device by using a proper USB data cable. If you don’t want to do such thing, you can easily open the above given link from your smartphone and get the APK file right on your Smartphone. It doesn’t require a USB data cable or a PC connection as well.

Step 3 :

In order to install the app on your device, you have to tap the APK file which is recently downloaded on the device. Make sure to check the box of Allow third party apps from your settings option before to install an APK file.

Step 4 :

Once you tap the file it will require your acceptance to accept the installation process of this application. Since you are using an Android device, it will ask you to do it with your Google account. Simply click the Accept button and move further.

Step 5 :

Once the app is installed, you would get the Successful message on your screen along with the option to open it right away. Click the open from the given option. Check out the following picture for more information.

ShowBox for Android 2

Step 6 :

You’re done with the installation process of this app. Since it’s starting for the first time, it will download some required data. Downloading process takes less than a minute so you need not to worry about it at all. Let it be done first!

ShowBox for Android 3

Step 7 :

You’re good to go now. You’ll be instructed with new features and the functionality of the app since we are using it for the very first time. It looks like the below image. Hit the got it button and move ahead!

ShowBox for Android 4

Step 8 :

As you can see, there’s a front page or we can say a homepage of ShowBox studded with all the latest Hollywood Movies. You can see the available categories as we have described above. All the four categories you can see easily here on the homepage of ShowBox.

Step 9 :

From the Movies category we have picked a movie, Interstellar. You can see all the details of the chosen Movie here on this page. There’s an option choosing the quality of the movie. You can download the file by selecting the Download button or just hit the Watch now option to start the streaming of the selected movie.

ShowBox for Android 5

Step 10 :

Click the Watch now option and in a while you can see the selected video is right there on your display. The movie begins and you can handle it according to your need from your own video player.

ShowBox for Android 6

Step 11 :

You’re done with everything. This is how you can instantly watch your favourite Movies and TV Shows on a smartphone with ShowBox application.

Apart from this, there are a couple of more options left for you. There’s a search option available here in this application. According to this option, you can easily search for your favourite Movie. Just put tap the search option and a keyboard will display there. You need to enter the required movie or TV Shows name there. ShowBox will get you all the available results and you can start exploring it by selecting the video from the display on the go.

e.g. we have selected a search option and entered spiderman as our requirement. ShowBox has offered all the available Spiderman Movies. You can follow the below screenshots for more accurate information about the use of this option. It’s quite helpful if you don’t want to explore the whole app’s data. Simply tap the Search button, put your word and the app will get you the desired results on the go. How cool that is!

ShowBox for Android 12

In addition, ShowBox app is highly popular over the globe with the instant user interface and great quality services for all of its users. The most important thing is it doesn’t ask you even to log in or sign up for once. The app is open for all and anybody can easily start using this app to watch Movies and TV Shows on the go. If you are using a BlackBerry device, you can even Download ShowBox for BlackBerry as well. All the other platforms too are available and you can pick it up from the above links easily.

What’s your take on this? Have you ever wondered of getting such an incredible app to fulfil your entertainment side? Do share your experiences with us. You can even put your views and opinions too in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask, kindly let us know by using the comment section given below the post as a comment. Your feedback is always welcomed and we are eagerly waiting for your suggestions. Stay tuned with us for more useful updates on the app, ShowBox!

How to Watch Free Movies & TV Shows with ShowBox
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