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ShowBox is an allows you to watch your favourite Movies and TV Shows right from your smartphone instantly. For the decent user interface the app is known as the best entertainment app which is available for various smartphone platforms. The application does offer a number of advanced features to get you entertained on the go. If you wish to watch your movies to spend out free time, ShowBox has got all the things to spend a gold time ahead along with your smartphone. ShowBox is available for all types of smartphone platform and if you own a Kindle Fire device, ShowBox for Kindle Fire Download is available. You can download and install this app on your device Kindle Fire device just by following the simple steps given below. Kindly follow the tutorial and get this app installed now! 

ShowBox for Kindle Fire Main

There are people who always looking for something new to try on their respective smartphones. Smartphones are there to get you all you want at your fingertip. You don’t need to go anywhere, you can handle pretty much everything within a smartphone by making use of the web. Smartphones have all types of apps to do various things like buying things online, exploring social media and its apps, locating places, using messaging apps and pretty much everything. Talking about todays’s time, there are people who can not even spend a single day without using a smartphone. And why not? After all, it helps us in many ways.

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People who are using a smartphone has different ways of using it. Some people use it for exploring the apps, some for using social networking apps, while the other uses it for getting entertained by listening to music and watching videos and much more. If you are from the entertainment side, and like to watch movies and videos on your smartphone, ShowBox is here for you. Since the app is available for all types of devices, you can easily install it on any of your smartphone devices. Surprisingly, ShowBox for Kindle Fire Download is also available and you can get this app installed on it as well.

Before to go anywhere, you should know a little bit more about this application and the functionality of it in order to get the more useful details of it on the go. ShowBox application is simple and made for everyone to get entertained within a smart device without taking help from the others. It seems quite interesting and actually it does. The app has got a list of amazing features to get the best of entertainment. Following we have compiled a list of features to get you all the useful things about this application. All the useful features and its functionality is given below into the list. Kindly follow the list of its features given below and know more of it. Here’s what you need to know about this app.

Features of ShowBox for Android

  • Simple and complete decent user interface to get you the best and smoothest experience of using an app
  • No need to login or sign up in order to use this app
  • ShowBox is available for all types of people for free
  • Offers a huge range of Movies and TV Shows to watch them instantly from a smartphone
  • User can even download their own favourite Movies and TV Shows
  • You can select the Quality of a video at the time of downloading it
  • Find out simple listings of all the TV Shows and Movies with all decency
  • User can watch full HD Movies and TV Shows with respect to the phone’s functionality
  • You can pick the Video player from the list of many while watching the Movie online within an app
  • Once you download a Movie, you can easily share it with your friends
  • Watch Movies being offline after it gets downloaded
  • Simple design makes it perfect to use the app more fluently
  • Four different categories to start your day with
  • Movies category allows you to pick your movies from the list
  • Shows offers you all the available TV Shows
  • My Library allows you to list down your favourite videos and movies in the list
  • Updates show you all the recently updates TV Shows and Movies
  • You can even arrange the icons by using sort by option
  • Search option allows you to search for your required Movies or a TV Show
  • Genre allows you to view things by choosing a proper genre and much more

Amazed? I’m sure you are! After all, the app offers such a huge number of features for free without charging even a single penny to the users. Unfortunately, due to some internal issues, ShowBox has been removed from all the available platforms and you are not allowed to get this app installed officially on any type of smartphone. The app goes widely popular with millions of downloads already. Even if it’s not available officially, we bring you the best way of installing this app for almost all the available smartphone platforms and you can easily install this app on any of your smart device by following our updates. We here update regularly about ShowBox for various platform with the best working way.


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In addition, you are here to install ShowBox on Kindle Fire device. Kindle Fire is a book tech device specially made for the book lovers who love to read a lot. The device also allows you to make use of various apps as well. If you have owned this device and want to enhance the user functionality of it, it’s time to get a change with ShowBox as you are given a simple tutorial with simple steps to be followed. All you need to do is just simply follow the below given steps and start exploring your favourite Movies and TV Shows on the go with ShowBox. A complete detailed tutorial with simple steps is given here. You are requested to follow the below given steps wisely in order to get the best required results at the end of the process. Let’s get on to the tutorial now!

Note : There are different types of Kindle Fire devices available in the market and following tutorial will work for all of them instantly. The following tutorial will work on Kindle Fire First Generation, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX and also on Amazon Fire Phone. Make sure you are using a proper Kindle Fire device, then you can start following the below given tutorial. You can go ahead and follow the tutorial, keep your Kindle Fire device along while following the tutorial.

Kindle Fire is compatible to load APK files as the main platform of this device is Android. Since it’s not officially available for any types of tech devices, in order to install this ShowBox Application on your device, you have to follow the APK file first. Following tutorial will get you more details about the installation process.

ShowBox for Kindle Fire Download

Step 1 :

Make sure to download a proper APK file of ShowBox application first. The app is not officially available and hence you can not download it from the Play Store. You can download ShowBox APK file from the following link. Do follow the below given link now!

Download ShowBox APK 

Step 2 :

Hit the above link and you’ll be taken to a page from where you can even learn the whole installation process to get ShowBox app installed on an Android device. After getting the proper details, scroll down the page and hit the Download button given there. You will get the APK file of ShowBox application downloaded on your PC.

Step 3 :

Now, you have to transfer this APK file to your Android device. Make sure to use a proper USB data cable in order to do it. Place this APK file from where you can easily fetch it up again.

Step 4 :

After completing this, you can disconnect your Kindle Fire device from the PC.

Step 5 :

Now, you have to follow the below given path from your Kindle Fire device in order to allow the third party apps to be installed on it. Following paths are different for different versions. Choose the most appropriate version that you current have.

For Kindle Fire First Generation

Go to : Settings > Devices > Turn on ‘Allow Installations of Applications

For Kindle Fire HD, HDX and Amazon Fire

Go to : Settings > Applications > Turn on ‘Apps from Unknown Sources‘

ShowBox for Kindle Fire 1

Make sure to follow the above given path wisely. This is the essential thing to do first in order to install any kind of third party apps on your device. By doing so, you can install an APK file easily on Kindle Fire device.

Step 6 :

Now, go to your file manager option and move to the APK file of ShowBox that we have recently transferred into the device. If you are using Kindle Fire’s browser, you can directly download this APK file to your device. It doesn’t ask you to connect your device to the PC and all. You can directly get it from the browser as well.

Step 7 :

Now, tap the APK file of ShowBox once and you’ll be asked whether to Install it or not. Kindly hit the Install button when asked just like you are doing on an Android device.

Step 8 :

Installation process will take a couple of seconds to be done. Soon, the ShowBox app will be installed on your Kindle Fire device.

Step 9 :

After this, you are requested to reboot your device once as it will get your device a proper boost to configure the app so that you can easily use this app without any interruptions in between.

Step 10 :

Once the device rebooted, you can open the main apps menu and search for the ShowBox app there. Hit the icon of the app and you will be presented a homepage of ShowBox application right there on your Kindle Fire device.

ShowBox for Kindle Fire 2

ShowBox application has been installed successfully on your Kindle Fire device. You can get started with the app by following the above step on your device. The process is as same as you are doing it on an Android platform. It doesn’t ask you to do any additional thing as well. Anyone can instantly start using this app by following the above given simple steps of installation.

There are numerous things to look forward into this amazingly built entertainment app. You can get regular updates from the updates section from where you can easily look out for the new releases. You don’t have to search for the new stuffs, all you need to do is just tap the updates button and you will be presented a list of all the available new Movies and TV Shows.

ShowBox for Kindle Fire 3

In order to watch or download any of the given Movie or TV Show, you just need to tap it out once. You’ll be presented a particular profile of that selected item on your display. There you would see a different quality of file given there. You can always pick the quality of video that you want. If you want to download it in HD quality, you can choose the 720 p quality of that particular video. The next page will ask you to download it. You will see all the downloading files and its progress into the downloads folder given there. Yes, you will be given a separate downloads folder as well. You can easily pick up the downloaded file and can watch it instantly from here. If you’ve got a BlackBerry device, ShowBox for BlackBerry Download too is available.

That’s all you have to know about ShowBox for Kindle First. What’s your take on this? Have you ever heard about this app for Kindle Fire device? Do share your views and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask or a simple query to be solved, kindly let us know. Make use of the below given comment section given below the post. Put your queries, questions or words and get them solved instantly. We’d like to get feedback from you regarding the tutorial. Do share your suggestions as well. Stay tuned for more such useful updates!

ShowBox for Kindle Fire Download
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