ShowBox Download for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch (iOS)

ShowBox allows you to watch your favourite movies and TV Shows for free within your Smartphone. No matter what smartphone are you using, you can enjoy unlimited number of free movies and videos and TV Shows of your choice with ease. ShowBox Download for Android is already available and you can get the same deal on your iOS devices as well. ShowBox Download for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch is available. If you are using an iOS device and looking for this app to get installed on it, kindly follow the below given report and start a whole new world of entertainment within your iOS device from here. Let’s get on to it! 

MovieBox for iPhone

ShowBox Download for iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch)

You might be looking forward to get the official version of ShowBox for your iOS devices. Unfortunately, we are unable to download the official version of ShowBox app as the app has been removed from both the platforms, Android and iOS as well. You can not download this app on your device as it’s no longer available on Play Store. The app is handled with a different name called MovieBox. Yes, it’s MovieBox and you have to install this app unofficially on your iOS device.

MovieBox for iOS 1

MovieBox is known as one of the best way to watch movies and TV Shows for free that to for unlimitedly. There’s no time bound and nothing, all you have to do is to install this app and you’ll be done! How amazing that would be! I mean you don’t need to search for your favourite movies on the Internet by now. The app lets you get all of your movies and favourite TV Shows on the go. You can watch them in full HD version if your device is compatible to load HD Videos. The app carries a number of useful features to serve the best of entertainment for everyone. It’s amazing and works well for both, Jailbroken devices and non Jailbroken devices as well. The only thing you need to make sure is choosing the compatible version for your device.

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In order to get more about this app, you have to follow the list of its features given below. We have covered every single step of this app to get the most of it instantly. You can easily figure out things and start exploring its features on the go. Kindly follow the below given list now!

Features of MovieBox / ShowBox for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

  • Easy to use app with simple and decent UI made for everyone
  • An eye catchy graphics throughout the time
  • No need to login or sign up to explore the contents of the app
  • A huge list of movies to choose from
  • A huge list of TV Shows to choose from
  • Regular updates option to know more on the new updated videos, movies and much more
  • User can sort movies by different types and categories on the go
  • User can watch videos, movies, TV Shows online
  • Download your favourite movies and TV Shows right from the app
  • Choose the video quality while watching it online or downloading it
  • Watch movies on your favourite player from the list of many
  • You can download and share the videos with anyone easily and much more

You see? These were all the amazingly studded useful features packed inside this popular entertainment app, MovieBox. The app can be called ShowBox as well. Of course it looks quite confusing, however there’s no difference between both these apps starting from their UI to the output, everything is similar and you can not figure out a single difference from them. Unlike the Android platform, there’s no APK file here to be installed. iOS doesn’t support APKs and you can not easily get them installed as well.

ShowBox Download for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch (iOS) 1

In order to install MovieBox app to your iOS device, you have to follow some steps which are given below in the tutorial. The app is not available officially, although you can get the best of it after installing it properly on the device. You just need to follow each of the below given steps wisely and you’ll be done with the installation process on the go. Let’s get on to the tutorial and learn the actual installation process of installing MovieBox app on an iOS device i.e. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

ShowBox Download for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch (iOS) (MovieBox Download for iOS)

The process of Installing MovieBox  app on an iOS device is quite simple as you don’t need to follow the things which mess you up. It’s quite simple, all it requires is a proper iOS device.

Step 1 :

Go to the link given below.

Go to :

Step 2 :

It will ask you to enter the Password. You need not to worry for the Password as you can see the Password on the same page.

Step 3 :

You need to enter the Password into the given box. The app requires Password for different iOS versions, if there’s no Password box appears, you can easily go ahead.

Step 4 :

Click the Install app option given there. The app will start installing itself and soon it will get installed by following the basic instructions easily.

Of course there’s one more way to install this app on your device. The above process should be done on a smartphone, means you have to use your phone’s browser to explore the above mentioned things. Go to your phone’s browser and enter the above given link into the URL box and hit the Go button. You’ll be done with the Installation process easily.

Apart from this, if you don’t want to open and browse the app on your device, you can easily scan the QR Code and get it installed quickly. Yes, you can follow the above given link and you would see a QR Code there. Scan the code and the app will be installed on the go.

There are many updated versions of MovieBox listed in the above mentioned link. You can get anyone of them installed by following the same method as given above.

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You might be wondering about the User Interface of this app. Well, the app carries the same UI as ShowBox does. You need not to worry about anything as far as the UI is concerned. You can easily manage the app and can watch your favourite Movies and TV Shows as well. Got any questions? Use the comment section given below the post!

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, then you can download the ShowBox APK file for Android from our website and watch free movies & TV shows on the go.


ShowBox Download for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch (iOS)
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