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ShowBox is a video streaming app allows you to watch and download Movies and TV Shows right from your smartphone. The is widely popular over the globe with its decent user interface and a number of all the awesomeness inside. Fortunately, ShowBox application is available for almost all types of smartphone platforms and a few more other non tech platforms as well. The app is absolutely stunning and gets you the best experience of watching Movies and TV Shows on a particular tech device. Surprisingly, ShowBox for Chromecast Download too is now available. A complete detailed tutorial with proper download links is given below. More details are as follows!

     ShowBox for Chromecast Download Main

Nowadays, people are more into technology and its amazing devices. Like there can be no life without using a particular set of tech device. We can not imagine a life without technology and its devices as the whole world runs on Technology. You can not find out even a single place where Technology not exists. Starting from a small firm to the giant firms, technology and its devices comes at the top to handle various things on the go.

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In addition to this, most of everyone uses a smartphone to get done many of their routine things like connecting with friends and relatives by using various Instant Messaging apps, social networking apps and much of it. You can easily compose a mail and do a hell lot of things within a smartphone. Apart from that, to get entertained you can play games, watch movies, listen to music. Today you are going to see ShowBox application run on Chromecast.

I’m sure many of you might not have heard either about ShowBox or about Chromecast. If you have already get used to these devices, then you can instantly download and install ShowBox app on it as you are much familiar with both of them. If you are not aware about any of it, you need not to worry about it at all. As we have covered every single detail that will help you knowing more about these devices and their work.

Chromecast is basically a device officially launched by Google to get you the best of entertainment within your Television. Yes, with Chromecast you actually can watch Movies and explore a whole world of web right from your TV. The device looks as same as like a USB dongle and works similarly. It can easily be connected with your Wi-Fi connection. You just need to insert this device in your TV’s USB port and connect it with your phone’s application. After this, you can easily operate things from your mobile and Chromecast will present it on your Television. You can watch Movies, TV Shows and much like this with your whole family from the big and giant display of your Television. Isn’t it amazing?

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Since, ShowBox has got all the awesomeness to get you all of your favourite Movies and TV Shows, you can make use of this app with Chromecast in order to watch them on your big displayed Television. Yes, you are getting it right. You can actually watch your favourite Movies and TV Shows on a Television by using this ShowBox app with your Chromecast device. Everything’s possible with Technology and its devices. If you are not aware about ShowBox and its functionality, you just need to follow the list of its features given below. Following we have compiled a list of all the useful features, that will help you to get more detailed view of ShowBox application for various platforms. Have a look on to the list now!

ShowBox for Chromecast Features

  • Watch your favourite Movies and TV Shows on a big Television screen
  • Incredibly amazing HD graphics throughout the user interface
  • ShowBox offers a wide range of Movies and TV Shows to pick from
  • Simple app to get used by anyone
  • Decent user interface makes it easier to explore it more every time you use it
  • The app doesn’t require any login or sign up in order to use it
  • Get the simple listings of all the available Movies and TV Shows on the go
  • User can even download his favourite Movie or Video on the go without getting any additional help
  • No need to be a skilful person in order to make use of this app
  • User can download Movies and TV Shows by selecting the required quality of it
  • According to your device’s compatibility, you can watch Movies in full HD resolution
  • User can even pick up his favourite video player while watching Movies or a TV Show within this app
  • After downloading it, you can even share the videos to your friends as well
  • Four different categories are there to pick your entertainment
  • Movies option gets you a whole list of all the available movies to watch out
  • Shows option presents all the available TV Shows series to watch out
  • Library option saves your data and you can use it to get your favourite things instantly
  • Updates option offers all the recently published videos and movies on the go
  • User can easily search for the things by using the Search option
  • Sort Movies by different ways and pick your favourite genre from the genre’s listing

In other words, ShowBox is the only app which carries such a huge number of features. Of course, there are plenty of such apps available where you can watch videos, movies and much like this. However, they all ask you do login, sign up and most of them carries a number of unwanted and annoying advertisements while watching the videos. In such cases, ShowBox looks quite perfect. Apart from this, we are about to use this app on a Television set by connecting it with a smartphone with Chromecast device. Well, you can actually use the whole thing easily but before using it, you have to follow the below given tutorial. A complete detailed tutorial with proper steps are given as follows. Make sure to follow each of the following steps wisely and get the best required results at the end of the process. Here’s the tutorial!

Prerequisites : Things you need before to start following the process.

ShowBox App : The app requires to watch Movies and TV Shows just like described in the list of its features. Since most of the people are using an Android smartphone and Chromecast is much familiar with Android, you should download ShowBox app first on your Android device. You can get it by following the below given link. A complete tutorial is given there to download and install ShowBox on your Android device.

Download ShowBox for Android

AllCast Premium : AllCast Premium allows you to connect your device with the TV in order to stream up the Movies and all on the go on a Television. This app is a premium one and you have to pay some bucks in order to get it installed on your device. You can even download its APK file by exploring the web. To get the premium version of this app, kindly follow the below given link and get it right from there.

AllCast Premium

Download AllCast Premium for Android 

Chromecast : This is the device for which we are following the tutorial. Chromecast device is available for $35. If you haven’t bought it yet, you can go ahead and order one now officially. Get it from the following link!

ShowBox for Chromecast Download 5

Buy Chromecast for $35

Make sure you have everything installed on your device as mentioned above before to start following the process given below. After completing the above mentioned things, you are allowed to follow the tutorial. Let’s get on to it now!

ShowBox for Chromecast Download

Step 1 :

First thing you need to do is connect your Chromecast with the Wi-Fi network and insert it on the Television set properly by using the USB port given at the back side of the Television.

Step 2 :

Make sure your Android device and the Chromecast is well connected as mentioned above.

Step 3 :

Now, open ShowBox application on your smartphone by opening the Main apps from it. If you are yet to download and install this app, kindly follow the above mentioned link and get it installed on your Android device.

Step 4 :

ShowBox app will be launched and you would see all the available Movies and TV Shows listing properly on the front page.

Step 5 :

Choose your favourite TV Show or a Movie that you want to watch on your Television by using Chromecast.

ShowBox for Chromecast Download 1

Step 6 :

You would be presented a particular detailed page of the selected Movie or a TV Show. You have to select the Quality of that selected video first.

Step 7 :

The next thing you would be asked to pick up the video player to watch the selected TV Show or a Movie. Make sure to select AllCast it is necessary to select this player. AllCast is compatible with Chromecast and this application must be installed on the device in order to connect Chromecast with your Android device. Choose AllCast as the video player while choosing the player.

ShowBox for Chromecast Download 2

Step 8 :

It will take a few seconds to gets loaded and you can directly see the select TV show or a Movie right on your Television. The speed is according to your Wi-Fi’s speed. So make sure to select a proper quality while watching the video with respect to your Internet speed.

Step 9 :

You’re done with the process of installing ShowBox application on a Chromecast to watch the videos and movies right on your big screen of Television instantly.

ShowBox for Chromecast Download 4

That’s all you have to do in order to make use of ShowBox app with your Chromecast. I’m sure you are quite stunned after following the tutorial as you might have never seen such an instant use of Technology ever. Chromecast’s getting more popular day by day with its amazing services. The device is compatible with many giant apps like YouTube, Netflix, HBOGo, Pandora, HuluPlus, Google Play Store, WatchESPS, iHeart Radio and a lot of other ones. These all apps allows you to watch various TV Shows, Movies, Sports and much more from the Television on the go. The apps work as same as like ShowBox does and offer kind of the same user interface as well.

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While selecting AllCast app, you would be asked to select the room. Well, since you are using it first time, you would see a Living room option followed by Chromecast. You just need to select that option and the selected video or movie or TV show will start streaming itself. The interface is simple although you will get the output on a big screen Television it leaves you speechless for a while. People who have used Chromecast are actually happy with the way how it works. It takes a very less amount of time to get connected and works like a charm without any interruption as soon as you are connected with a good Wi-Fi connection.

ShowBox for Chromecast Download 3


Chromecast is an official device from Google and you can order it from the above given link easily, if you don’t have it yet. The device is worth your money if you learn the actual process of using it. It gets you the best of entertainment easily. You can live a complete happy life by sitting in your living room with your family and enjoying the Movie on the go with Chromecast device. Order it now!

That’s all about ShowBox for Chromecast. The process looks quite tough, however, we have explained every single needful thing neatly. You just need to follow it wisely. What’s your thoughts on this? Have you ever heard of this device before? Do share your experiences with us. You can put your views and opinions too in front of us. If you have anything further to ask, kindly let us know. You can put your queries and questions into the following comment section. We would like to get feedback from your side. You can even suggest us what you want from us regarding the ShowBox app as well. We’d like to help you out with proper solutions. Stay tuned with us for more such useful updates!

ShowBox for Chromecast Download
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