How to Stream ShowBox Movies to Chromecast with LocalCast

ShowBox is a popular video streaming app allows you to watch Movies, TV Shows on a smartphone. ShowBox is widely available for almost all types of smartphone platforms. The app offers a complete decent user interface so that anyone can easily make use of this app. Nowadays, almost everyone carries a smartphone along to get many of their routine things done. If you are looking for something entertaining, ShowBox is here for you. Fortunately, you can stream out all the Movies and TV shows of this app on a big Television screen with LocalCast app. Get to know how you can Stream ShowBox Movies to Chromecast with LocalCast application. Following report will let you know about the entire process. 

How to Stream ShowBox Movies to Chromecast with LocalCast6

As you know, the World has become an advanced place because of all the innovative improvements in the technology. There are thousands of technology devices available in the market to choose from. No matter what kind of a person you are, you can always have the best of your device from the list. One of the greatest technology invention is a smartphone. People do like to own a proper Smartphone so that they can make the most out of it to get many of their things done. Apart from just doing things, there are people who get entertained with a smartphone by listening to their favourite music, watching movies and playing games. If watching movies is your passion, you got to have ShowBox installed on your device.

ShowBox application has got plenty of advanced features to spend a gold time within your smartphone. ShowBox for Android, ShowBox for iOS and ShowBox for Chromecast too is available to expands your entertainment. If you are using a Chromecast device, we’ve got something exciting for you. You can explore ShowBox app on your Television set by using an external app called LocalCast. The app works smartly and gives you the best results every time.

Before moving further, we request you to check out all the useful features of this popular Entertainment app. We have prepared a complete list of all the features of this ShowBox app so that you can get all the needful details about this app. Kindly have a check and know more about the features and functionality.

Features of ShowBox for Chromecast

  • Watch all of your favourite Hollywood movies and TV Shows
  • Amazing graphical interface throughout the time
  • Wide range of movies and TV Shows with full episodes to be explored within the app
  • No need to register or sign up to make use of the app
  • No login details such as password and username required
  • Get all the simple listings of Movies and TV Shows to pick up your favourite ones
  • User can easily download any Movie or TV show instantly within the app
  • You can even watch the movies in full HD mode
  • Different categories to choose what you want to from the app
  • Movies category offers all the available movies
  • Shows category allows you to pick your favourite TV Show from the list
  • My Library allows you to place your own favourite movies and TV shows to watch them in future
  • Updates section shows you all the recently available movies and TV shows on the app
  • User can even search for his desired movie or TV show by using the Search option as well

These were all the extra ordinary features available inside this popular Entertainment app ShowBox. You can get everything at your fingertip when it comes to entertain yourself within a smartphone with the ShowBox app. Now, if you owned a Chromecast and want to explore the movies of ShowBox app on Television, there’s an app called LocalCast. By using this app on your Android, you can see ShowBox movies and TV Shows instantly. Kindly follow the tutorial given below in order to know how to stream ShowBox movies to Chromecast with LocalCast app.

How to Stream ShowBox Movies to Chromecast with LocalCast

Step 1 :

You’re using an Android smartphone which means Play Store app is there on your device. Launch Play Store app on your device first. You can navigate to this app by launching the main apps menu.

Step 2 :

Tap out the search option from the top upper side, enter LocalCast there by using your Keyboard. After this, hit the Enter button.

Stream ShowBox Movies to Chromecast with LocalCast 1

Step 3 :

Now, LocalCast application will be there on your screen. Click the Install button and accept the terms and conditions.

Stream ShowBox Movies to Chromecast with LocalCast 2

Step 4 :

Downloading process will take place itself. It will take several minutes to complete the entire downloading process.

Stream ShowBox Movies to Chromecast with LocalCast 3

Step 5 :

After a while, LocalCast application will be installed on your Android. You can see it on your apps menu.

Step 6 :

Launch the app and you will be instructed to make use of this app for the first time.

Step 7 :

You would see the entire file manager of your device in this app which means you can explore the whole phone within the app.

Stream ShowBox Movies to Chromecast with LocalCast 5

Step 8 :

On the same page, you would see a Yellow logo to launch this app on a device like Chromecast or Amazon FireTV. Tap out that icon and you would see the list of all the available devices to be connected with this app.

Step 9 :

Make sure your Chromecast is connected with the Television and a Wi-Fi network on which your Android is connected as well.

Stream ShowBox Movies to Chromecast with LocalCast 4

Step 10 :

After clicking out the icon, you would see your Chromecast on the display. Select the device and it will be connected with the app.

Step 11 :

You’re done with the connection. After this, launch the app and you would be redirected to your Television. You can see start watching your favourite Movies and TV Shows from the ShowBox app easily.

This is how you can make the connection between the ShowBox app and your Television set. You can instantly watch your favourite movie and TV Shows just by selecting it from the device, it will be right there on your Television’s screen. Explore the high quality HD movies on your Television set by now with the LocalCast application!

How to Stream ShowBox Movies to Chromecast with LocalCast
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