How to Download & Install ShowBox on iOS 8 without Jailbreak (iPhone and iPad)

ShowBox is known as one of the must have apps on a particular smartphone. If you are yet to know what’s the actual functionality of this app and how is it working on a smartphone, you need not to worry about anything. Here we have covered pretty much everything to let you know everything about ShowBox and its features. There are many iOS users who have upgraded their iOS devices with the latest iOS 8 and they’ve been asking to install this app on an upgraded iOS device. Well, those of you who already have upgraded their iOS device and looking for a legal way to install this ShowBox app on it, learn from the below given report. Everything you need to know about the ShowBox app is given below. You are requested to follow the below given report!

There comes a time when you got completely bored with the same things happening around you and somehow you want to get rid of that boredom. Well, as soon as you are using a smartphone, you need not to go anywhere in order to get entertained. There are a huge number of people who have been using a smartphone for the entertainment purpose. Smartphones do carry all types of features for all types of people out there. No matter for what purpose you are using a smartphone, you know how to play music on it. Am I right that way? Get more about it, keep on reading!

There are two of the most popular smartphone platforms available at the present moment, Android and iOS. Since Android is quite easy to use, it has more users than iOS, with respect to all the facts and figures. However, there are many Apple fan boys, who just don’t want to go with any other smartphone. They change their devices to the upgraded iOS devices but not the platform. This is the reason why Apple is still on the demand. If you are using an Apple device and don’t know about the ShowBox, you can get the details from here.

MovieBox for iOS8

Before to move anywhere, there are plenty of things that you should need to know about ShowBox and its various versions which are available for various technology and smart devices. Yes, ShowBox is available for pretty much all types of tech devices and works really great on to them as the app has Millions of users who do make use of this app on a regular basis.

ShowBox is an app allows you to stream and download your favourite Movies and TV Shows in full HD resolutions within a Smartphone. Yes, you heard that right. The app is absolutely for free and you can get the best of entertainment within a smartphone by using this one single app. Many of you might have heard about such apps already as there are many such apps available in the market for different smartphones. However, ShowBox app has its own criteria which is liked by Millions of its users globally.

ShowBox is just not available for iOS platform. If you are using an Android smartphone, you can download ShowBox APK for Android easily. From that page, you can get all the needful information about ShowBox for Android with the latest APK file. You can install that APK file by following the given tutorial on the same page and can start using this app right away. Apart from that, ShowBox for BlackBerry is available for all the BB users who are using the latest BB devices running on Android OS. If you liked the app very much and want to install it on your PC, you can do so as well. Yes, ShowBox for PC too is available and you can get the same user interface on the PC.

In addition to this, if you don’t know how to watch Free Movies and TV Shows with ShowBox, you can go ahead and open the given link from where you can learn everything from the very beginning to know the entire process of using this app on your device. If you are a reader and own an Amazon Kindle device, ShowBox for Kindle Fire is here just for you. Go ahead and get the ShowBox app installed on your Kindle Fire right away. This is not the end, if you own a Chromecast, ShowBox for Chromecast is available with a complete installation process with all the required additional download links. Yes, you can explore the entire app on a giant television screen by installing ShowBox application on your Chromecast.

Enough of ShowBox and its various versions for different devices. Now, let’s see why this app is getting such popularity over the time. Well, the reason is simple, its features. ShowBox app carries numerous useful features with which you can instantly become a big fan of this app just by hearing them. You need not to go anywhere to know about its features as we have compiled a full list of all the instantly useful features of ShowBox application. Do take a look on to the list of its features given below and get to know more about ShowBox application for your respective devices.

Note : ShowBox app is known as MovieBox app for iOS devices. Both the apps have been removed from their official stores and we have tried our best to give you all the legal things from here. Hope you don’t go messed up with these apps as both the apps work same on their respective smartphones. Kindly follow the list now!

Features of ShowBox / Movie Box for iOS8

  • Simple app made for all types of people where no any kind of technical skills required
  • Decent User Interface so that anyone can easily get started with this app and its functionality
  • Light weight app runs smoothly on all types of devices well
  • No need to sign up even for once in order to use this app and its features
  • No need to enter User Name and Password every time you use this app
  • Simple listings of all the TV Shows, Series of TV Shows and Movies
  • An eye catchy graphics with the dark theme looks just amazing
  • User can watch videos online by online streaming and download it as well
  • You can choose the option whether to download the video or watch it online
  • Select the Video quality that you want to watch within your device
  • Download the selected Movie or TV Show and choose the Video Quality to get it downloaded
  • Separate downloads folder to fetch out the downloaded files
  • If your device has HD functionality, you are allowed to watch HD Movies within this app
  • User can share Movies and TV Shows easily once they download them on their devices
  • Different options to choose and sort by your listings
  • Movies option shows you the available movies to choose from
  • Shows option allows you to see all the available TV Series with full episodes
  • My Library option shows you your own library with different things to watch in the coming time
  • Updates give you all the updated Movies and TV Shows which are recently being pushed into the app
  • Sort by option allows you to sort things easily within the app and much more

I’m sure you have not ever heard about such features in a single app. In order to get this app installed on your respective upgraded iOS 8 device, you just need to follow the steps given below. You have to follow each of the following steps and the app will be installed instantly on your upgraded iOS device without Jailbreaking. You would never be asked to have a Jailbroken device while installing or using this app for the very first time. Most of the iOS users don’t want to Jailbreak their devices and for that we have come up with this tutorial. Kindly follow the steps given below and get ShowBox / MovieBox app installed on your iOS 8 device. Here’s the tutorial!

Note : ShowBox / MovieBox app is not available on any official stores as developers have removed these apps from all the stores. You have to download and install this app with the following way only. Make sure to follow the steps in order to get the best required results at the end of the process.

How to Download & Install ShowBox on iOS 8 without Jailbreak (iPhone and iPad)

Step 1 :

Launch the Settings option from your apps menu which is given there. Settings option allows you to make proper required changes to your phone and its functionality. Kindly open the Settings option.

ShowBox for iOS 5

Step 2 :

Go to the General Settings and select Date option from there. Make sure to change the current date one year before. E.g. If today is 13th March, 2013, change it to 13th Match, 2012.

ShowBox for iOS8 1

Step 3 :

Now, close down it and open the Chrome or Safari web browser. Most of the apple users do use the Safari Browser so that they can perform this operation on a Safari web browser same goes with the Chrome users. Kindly open the respective web browser app on your upgraded iOS 8 device.

ShowBox for iOS8 2

Step 4 :

You would see the Address bar on the front page of your Web browser app. Kindly enter the below link to your Address bar. You need to perform this operation very carefully.

Link :

Step 5 :

Since you have opened the above requested link, you would see a page look like the following page on your display with the Install button.

Step 6 :

Select the Install App button which is given into the above snapshot.

ShowBox for iOS8 3

Step 7 :

Installation process will take several minutes to be done. Kindly wait for some time until the process gets successfully done!

Step 8 :

Now, open the main apps menu from your device and you should be able to see the icon of MovieBox on the main apps menu of your iOS 8 device.

ShowBox for iOS8 4

That’s all you have to do in order to install ShowBox / Movie Box app in your respective iOS 8 devices such as iPhone and iPad. In order to get started with this app, all you have to do is just launch the apps menu from your iOS device and hit the icon of ShowBox / MovieBox which would be right there. The app will be launched and you would be able to explore it with all the available Movies and TV Shows in the app.

You were here to know the actual installation process of ShowBox app for your current iOS device and you have given the same as we had claimed. As I did mention that, to get the best results, you have to follow each of the above given steps wisely on your device. Kindly follow everything that we have mentioned above and get the required results.

Apart from all this, there are people who always want to have something even more exciting. If you are dreaming to watch some of your much awaited movies, you can get the full list of all the upcoming Movies in 2015 from here which would be pushed into this app at the earliest. If you are looking for a change, you can go ahead and follow the list of all the alternatives of the ShowBox app. From this list, you can get the alternative apps to ShowBox / Movie Box. Fortunately, ShowBox for Nokia (Lumia) devices is also available and you can download it easily on it. All the available free Movies apps for Android is here in the list. If you have got an Android, you can get such apps with a complete different list of features.

What’s your take? Have you ever heard or followed such process before? Do share your experiences with us. You can put your views and opinions as well. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask, kindly let us know in the comments given below the post. We would definitely like to get all of your queries and questions solved, until then stay tuned with us and get such useful tutorials and updates about the ShowBox / MovieBox app from here on a regular basis!

How to Download & Install ShowBox on iOS 8 without Jailbreak (iPhone and iPad)
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  1. The app is on my screen but I keep getting message can not download Movie box at this time. Any suggestions?

  2. Every time I go through the process to download moviebox and its nearly completely downloaded, it comes up and says cannot download at this time? Does anyone have any reasons why this is happening, I have enough memory so that’s not the problem and I have tried downloading it through wifi and 4G and it still says the same ???

  3. Every time I go through the process to download moviebox and its nearly completely downloaded, it comes up and says cannot download at this time? Does anyone have any reasons why this is happening,

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